Happily Poor

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Terry and I recently celebrated our 33rd anniversary. I remember our wedding mostly for the people. His mom wanted to get us a nice gift so she offered us a portable dishwasher or a microwave. I remember how we laughed, what on earth would we do with a microwave? We ended up useing the dishwasher for a cutting board / island. It has been long gone. The idea of laughing at a microwave now is unthinkable. It is so easy to be a non cook today. Neither of us could cook, and we were without many choices. We could have soup or spaghetti. There was this frozen meat that was in an air tight bag, we would drop it in boiling water and when it was done, cut open the bag and pour it over minute rice. Steaks were easy to make, but impossible to afford. There were no ATM’s and credit cards were still in limited use. We eventually got a credit card, but could only use it at the pricier restaurants. The fast food spots only took cash. Terry even took a job that required him to drive his 160 motorcycle on the freeway into LA every day for a 25cent an hour raise. We still went hungry some days. Our outing was to go to a laundry mat on Sunday. It was in a parking lot with a large, out of business store. We would do our laundry and play fetch with our dog, Omar. When you can’t cook and can’t afford to eat out it is like the most perfect diet in the world. We were skinny! When we wanted cash, we went to the grocery store and wrote a check for cash, there was really no other way, banks closed early and were not open weekends. I worked in a pet store for 2 years with my Masters Degree before I got a teaching job. When my first check came from the school district, we put it on the floor and did a happy dance around it, we were rich!


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