Trying Retail – My first break!

I am on my first break. I am not having fun. Instead of bagging and folding and smiling, I am carrying heavy boxes and pushing big carts to a back room, emptying them and then going to each register, picking up all the rejected items from the floor and carrying again. Somewhere along the way my watch fell off. The only other person doing this job is a friendly, BIG young man who is trying to do the heavier stuff, but he disappears for long periods while I rush around. I really need to slow down, I am going to fast, it’s my nature but I need to move a little more slowly. This has been a long two hours. The only part I really enjoy is helping the customers. I get asked a lot of questions and since this is “my” Kohl’s I am able to help with everything except the men’s department. All the customers who ask for help are pleasant and grateful. I wish I could just spend the day being a Kohl’s concierge. Terry thinks the young, healthy guy who spent 8 hours holding the “line starts here” sign should have had my job and I should have held the sign. I think he is right. I also think my career in retail ends today. I do admire the cashiers, they have been kind and friendly to some seriously obnoxious people. And when I take the stuff away from their areas they all thank me. Give me 8th graders any day, at least they carried stuff for me! I would really like to quit, but I will stick it out till my shift ends or collapse trying.

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