My retail day goes on and on and on

I am on my 30 min lunch break. I brought a lunch from home. The store has provided burritos for the workers and they are enjoying them.  I just ate my lunch that I brought, though lifting the food all the way to my mouth was exhausting. When I asked about the burritos, they said that there are often snacks and occasionally a full meal in the break room for them. There are also a lot of empty Einstein boxes so they must have had bagels for the morning crew. The workers are primarily young women and they are easy going and friendly. I was listening to a discussion of how difficult it is to balance work and school hours. They do not have to take the hours, but they still have to pay rent, buy groceries, etc. they are working so hard, and unless their education gets them out, what will they have at the end? No pension, no retirement, it is not fair. And the older workers have no real options anymore. And with smiles on their faces they listen to irate customers demand they accept expired coupons and yell at them about the long lines.

I find the clocking in and out to be weird, no one is watching, I washed my hands and got my lunch out before I clocked out. Is that cheating? How do they monitor cheating? Teaching is such a different world.

(Ahh, a cute little flirtation is going on, she brought him a piece of pumpkin pie. He wants to know why, just because she says. He is not sure he should take it. I brought it for you, she insists. They are grinning and blushing at each other. I am not sure he will eat it. 
Oh ho, it seems to be a love triangle and the pie remains uneaten. The new girl is not as cute, but she lights him up.)

They all have Christmas stockings with their names on them hanging along the break room wall. It’s a large break room with a TV, lots of tables and chairs, two big refrigerators and two vending machines. There is a table full of schedules and the time clock. There are also lockers , but we temps were not given a locker. 
They all have little complaints about their hours or their duties and a little about the customers, but when their break is over they smile and return to work. I guess I can try that too.

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