I have survived my Retail try!

I am on my final break, then an hour and 15 min till I’m done. I can’t believe I might actually survive. As I walked back and forth carrying rejected items to the dock to be returned to the correct area, I passed a lady looking at the razors. The lady asked me if I knew which one was the $25 razor. I tried but I could not figure it out so I sent someone (who I thought) was more experienced to help her. They were still working on it 30 minutes later. I have been working very steadily doing as I was told, apparently this is not common for I have been complimented by a supervisor several times and one of the cashiers thanked me on behalf of all of them. I have been called rocking Robin. It’s nice to know I am doing well but 8 hours of this is too much for me. When the head of the dock asked me to return some of the big pile of Kohl’s net shopping bags, I began scooping them up and to my complete amazement, I found my watch but in the meantime I have lost my name badge. It seems like every time I stoop my lanyard gets caught on something and my back screams in protest. This is very thirsty work and my water is upstairs in the break room, I have no idea what the rules are for going to get a drink, but I am pretty sure I need to wait till break. I notice the cashiers all have a water with them. Terry stopped by and visited me briefly and came back to bring me some ibuprofen, I took it on break and that has helped but I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow. On the bright side, I have walked off Thanksgiving and everything I have eaten today and will eat in the future. 
When I pick up things from the cashiers they are so happy to see me but when I take them to the dock everyone groans because I am bringing them more work. The floor managers ask me if the dock workers are giving me a hard time, I insist they are not, I will certainly not be getting anyone in trouble, I am sure they need their jobs and I can’t blame the dock workers. Every time they get a little bit organized I come in with another messy pile of stuff. I did enjoy one trip more than others, I found an Elmo doll in the take backs. He laughed and played peek-a-boo when I pressed his tummy, so I played with him as I walked. A laughing Elmo is a grand companion on a lonely walk. I am no longer sweating and breathing hard because 
I have wisely slowed down. I walk at a relaxed, pace and take my time emptying my cart. I have been using a Kohl’s shopping cart since lunch because all the big metal ones are full. I am making more trips but the load is lighter. Workers on the floor keep asking me if it is ok to use the shopping carts. I reply that I don’t know but that I am anyway. Occasionally a shopper asks for my cart and I smile and hand it over, but there always seems to be another one. Oh, I could make this particular job a lot more organized if they let me, with just a few, tiny, changes. The first hour I was my usual rushing self at but fortunately I realized that slow and steady is best. Now I know why those guys lean on their shovels.

Ten minutes left till my shift is over and I can still (barely) walk! There is a fancy cow bell for sale in the men’s department. I see it as I go back and forth. It seemed like a dumb gift idea, but every man who passes it pauses to ring it. Lol Maybe Terry would like on for Hanukkah. When Terry comes to pick me up I will get a frap from Starbucks and go home and pass out. I am so glad I asked him to do the driving, I wanted to avoid parking but I do not think I could drive right now. I went to the break room, sat very still for 3 minutes until it was 9:59 and then went to the time clock to check out. My first and last day of work, I made it, I think, I will know for sure tomorrow.

Ahhh, sitting at home, on my couch, wearing my pj’s and sipping a mocha frap. One of the managers thanked me and complimented me as I was leaving and lots of people called good bye. My curiosity has been satisfied, retail is probably not for me, I would need my 20 year old feet and back for this type of work. I am thankful I have a choice, because the next time I’m in Kohl’s I will be a shopper. Thanks for sharing my adventure.

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