Retail Post Script

Post Script, I woke up Saturday morning barely able to move. My back, hips and legs hurt very badly. I will be going to a baby shower this afternoon, resting until then and sleeping afterwards.

Sunday morning I am feeling a little better, still very sore, but finally convinced I will make it. I have no idea if Kohl’s will call me again, but if they do, I certainly know what I will say. In the meantime, I still need to give my discount a try!

A few days later……

I went to the Rack to look for a sweater. I tried on a dress and found the dressingroom person to be kind of snippy. I was discussing this with another associate who thought I should talk to the manager, I did not want to make a big deal, it was not so bad, just a little snippy. The associate and manager and I ended up chatting for a few minutes and I told them about my Kohl’s job. They were pretty surprised I was assigned “take backs” and the manager said they do their seasonal hiring in Oct. and to come back next year and work for them. I may just do that. Later that day I went to Kohl’s and was chatting with a cashier as I purchased a dress. She ended up calling Evelyn over, in spite of my objections, to find out when I was supposed to work again. Turns out, they will call me if they want me, but one day was all they planned on. Hmmm. I did tell Evelyn if she wanted to call me, I needed less hours and a less strenuous job. Hopefully that will prevent any calls.

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