Happy Hanukkah


Tuesday evening, the 16th was the first night of Hanukkah. Jewish holidays and holy days are always celebrated from sundown to sundown so it began in the evening. We invited friends over for a dinner and candle lighting. We had latkes and jelly donuts as our nod to tradition and delicious deli food for our main course. I love to decorate our home for Hanukkah, with pretty pillows, lovely figurines and cute knick knacks. This year I made a menorah out of books. I had seen so many book Christmas trees on Facebook, I decided it was time. We won’t be lighting candles on it, but it is pretty and a nice addition. We exchanged gifts and Otis the dog got a blue and white fish that says “oy veh” when squeezed. Whatever holiday you celebrate I hope it is filled with love and family and friends.

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