I Love To Travel – Seattle and Victoria

Seattle & Victoria Vacation /  Oct. 11-19, 2014 / Robin and Terry

Oct. 11

We were both up fairly early. Janeen was going to pick us up at 9 and give us a ride to the airport. I realized that we needed to be at the airport for 10:30 boarding, I thought it was 11:30. Oops. Janeen drove fast and we rushed into the terminal. Terry went up to the gate while I waited in a very long line to check in our baggage. When I checked the bags, a warning that they might not make it on our flight flashed across the check in screen. After what seemed like hours, but was about 25 minutes, I rushed thru security and to the gate, only to find that though it was 10:30, no one had started boarding. Oh well. We had paid $12.50 each for what we thought was an early bird ticket, but all it meant was that we were guaranteed an “A” spot. What a waste. But we are still BIG Southwest fans! We settled into an aisle and middle seat and soon were airborne. Terry used the new Bose ear buds and I tried them also, well worth the high price. He listened to music and I played solitaire. We landed in Oakland, but we did not have to get off the plane. We moved a bit closer to the front once the flight attendants had counted everyone. One man moved forward before he was allowed to, and ha ha, he had to later give up his seat for a handicapped lady. Served him right. We landed on time in Seattle and after a restroom stop, we, with crossed fingers, went to collect our luggage. It made it! I called the hotel and then it was a short wait for the shuttle and about 10 minutes to the hotel.

IMG_1082Hotel Lobby

Terry is a Holiday Inn Express member and so we got a room with a kitchen, we got a free soda, candy and chips each and we got two free light rail passes.

After hanging out in the room for a while and gobbling the snacks, we had the shuttle take us to a Teriyaki restaurant. It looked good on Yelp. It was a very tiny place, mostly doing take out. I got a chicken and beef teriyaki and Terry got a chicken and gagyoa (?) teriyaki and a side of steamed veggies. It was decent. There was a lot of food and the price was reasonable. We had a lot of food to take back with us. On the drive to the restaurant we realized it was pretty close to the hotel so we walked back. It was a nice walk, cool enough that our sweater and jacket was wanted, but not uncomfortable.

I stopped in the lobby for a cup of coffee and now we are comfy in our room, watching NASCAR. We are looking forward to our day in Seattle tomorrow.

Terry’s thoughts – “the temperature is nice.”

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