Seattle Continued

Oct. 12, 2014 / Seattle Day Trip

We got up around 8 and after showering and dressing, went down to the free breakfast. Terry had a big sausage and egg sandwich, I had an apple and hard boiled egg. The coffee is pretty good.


We chatted with a few other people eating breakfast. Once we finished we went to our room to get all the stuff we needed for our day in Seattle. The shuttle arrived at 10 to take us to the SeaTac Light Rail station. The train was empty when we got on but pretty soon it was filled with (destined to be disappointed) Seattle Sea Hawk Fans. The train stopped at several stations and finally at the Westlake Station, the last stop. We exited the train and then went up to the third floor, per our directions. After walking a bit in the wrong direction, we found the monorail, bought tickets for $2.50 each and hopped on. The monorail took us right to the Space Needle. Gosh I wish we had good public transportation at home!

Inside the train and the monorail station

IMG_1083               IMG_1084


photo 2 photo 3

The Space Needle involved a long line to get in and a long line to leave. The ticket, combined with the Chihuly Garden was $36 each. I enjoyed the Space Needle, nice views and lots of places to look out at the city. Terry thought the lines were longer than it was worth, but he took some great pictures. I was pretty hungry, so I bought a coffee and got some beef jerky, such a low WW (weight watchers) point food that is very filling.

photo 3

photo 3Giant roof spider!


Once out of the Space Needle we went to the Chihuly Garden. I first heard of this amazing glass artist when I went to an exhibit in San Francisco with my sister Candy and I have been a fan since. This is a permanent museum and garden and it was wonderful. Terry liked it a lot too, and some of the photos he took are amazing. We took our time thorough the museum and the garden, not only were the glass pieces beautiful but the real plants were also great and enhanced the art.

photo 2 photo 2 photo 3


I looked in gift shops for both places, but with great restraint I only bought a couple of Space Needle bookmarks. I already have a Chihuly book at home.

A gift shop clerk and I chatted. She said she did not even own a car and didn’t need one. She also let me know that the areas I believed to be close enough for a walk, actually were.

We strolled down Broad Street and got to the waterfront pretty quickly.  We walked through a cool sculpture park on the way.

photo 3 photo 4


photo 2Eraser anyone?


We walked to Pier 69 and went into the Clipper office. We checked in and got our tickets for tomorrow, they allow check in up to 7 days ahead of the trip. That was quick and easy, so we headed toward Pikes Place and Market. This was a longer walk, but still not bad. And we were along the waterfront the entire time, that was nice.

The Market place was very crowded. We saw everything you can think of for sale. The fruits and veggies and fish looked great. We saw the famous Pike Place fish throwers in action, well one fish anyway.

photo 4 photo 5

After leaving the market we went to find the Biscuit Bitch. It was a little hard to find because it is inside another restaurant, confusing. I got a butter and jam biscuit. It was not very good. I only ate a little. We went back to the Market to an alley called Post Alley. We were hoping for some clam chowder, but the line was about 50 people long, so we gave up.

We walked up Pine St and got back to the Westlake Center and hopped right back on the Light Rail. It was not very crowded, and the game was not yet over so we didn’t see any football fans. There was an interesting guy with long dreadlocks who seemed to be doing some sort of slow motion karate, but otherwise it was a quiet ride.

We were tired once we got back to the hotel and just rested in the room, and played with our ipads. At about 6 we decided to go to dinner. As we waited for the shuttle, some very sad Seahawk fans were just returning to the hotel.  We had the shuttle take us to Sparks Roaster but it was closed for a memorium of some sort, so we went to Dave’s Diner instead.


This was a sort of 50’s place and our waitress Amber was adorable and perky. We both had ribeye steaks, it was a good meal. We planned to walk back to the hotel but it was drizzling a little. I called the shuttle. After a while the drizzle stopped and Terry decided to walk while I waited. I called the hotel a total of 3 times and waited 40 minutes for the shuttle, it was kind of annoying, Terry actually got back before me.

Tonight is the first night of the new season of Walking Dead. The room TV’s do not have AMC so now we are in the lobby with a few other “Dead Fans”. It has been very gruesome so far, but Terry is happily enjoying it.


Tomorrow we will have breakfast and then take a cab to the Victoria Clipper so we can begin our second part of our vacation.

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