Victoria – Day 7

Oct. 17, 2014   /  Day 7

We woke up around 8:30 and got showered and dressed. I wore my new dress with the skyline along the skirt. We had been given 3 strong suggestions for breakfast by locals we have talked to and decided to go to the one that was least crowded. We still had the car so first we drove to Jam, long line, outside in the cold. Then we tried Shine, looked ok but no parking, finally we went to John’s. It had a short line inside so we stayed. I took a photo of the huge cinnamon bun in the glass counter.


Gosh are we glad we stayed! We were seated fairly quickly and our waitress was very nice and perky. She offered us medium or dark roast coffee, we choose medium and it was excellent! The breakfast menu was filled with delightful choices, but we both wanted the benny’s (eggs benedicts) we had heard so much about. Terry got his on crabcakes with breakfast potatos, I got mine on cornbread with salmon and asparagus, fruit on the side. They offered half or whole plates, we picked whole.

IMG_1136 IMG_1137

Their hollandaise sauce was so delicious it couldn’t possibly be good for us, but our mouths were very happy. Terry managed to eat most of his, I ate all of one benny and a half of the other. When I saw that half egg, bit of cornbread and pieces of salmon sitting on my plate, I wanted to eat it so bad, but I was full to overflowing! While we were in this tiny restaurant I was admiring a very large mural on the wall. It was a baseball stadium and field. I noticed that a man and two boys were painted so that their faces completely showed, all the other spectators were looking at the field. I asked a waitress about it and she was surprised and looked at the mural and admitted she had never noticed. Our own waitress came by and she was pleased that I had noticed. The three in the picture was father, son John and grandson. She also pointed out that the billboards in the mural advertised John’s restaurant and another restaurant that is their friends. And of course on the scoreboard, the home team was winning.

After this delicious meal we went back to the room for a while and then set out on our adventure.

We drove the Scenic Marine Route along the coast. We saw lots of pretty sights and enjoyed looking at all the homes. Many were for sale. Most were New England style and had big porches, and large shade trees. As we drove along we saw a sign announcing the town of Sidney, so we got off the highway to take a look.

IMG_0835 IMG_1142 IMG_0836Statues and sign


This was a small town, the main street ended at the pier. I was pleased and surprised to see 4 bookstores on this short street. We parked near the pier and walked up to a Starbucks. After a pit stop, coffees and cookies we went back to the car. We took a photo of a very cute statue of a woman walking a dog and of a diver poised to leap into the water. The scenic route ended but Terry was undeterred and continued exploring. We spent some time on a driftwood and log covered beach.

IMG_0769 IMG_0770

We saw forests and homes that had to be very expensive. We also saw some very poor neighborhoods, but they were surrounded by forest and I think maybe that is nicer than a city slum.

It was getting late, so we let the GPS guide us back to the hotel. Once there, we hung out in the room a bit and then Terry took me downtown to shop and he returned the car. After he dropped off the car he was drawn back to Bard and Banker to have another taste of that yummy beer.


I was shopping and having a great time. The Bay (named for the Hudson Bay Co.) is a large mall, but had very few unfamiliar stores. I enjoyed walking around and finally spent time on the women’s clothing level of the Bay Department store. I tried on 3 dresses that were on sale, one looked crummy, one was just ok and the third looked good but was much too short. I also tried on a jacket, I know I am rarely cold, but it was soooooo cute. It looked great and was 40% off, so what choice did I have?

IMG_1151 IMG_1152 IMG_1153A cool clock in the mall

When I left the mall I hit a few of the souvineer shops but they were overpriced and kind of junky. I spent a happy half hour in the beautiful Monroe Bookstore. I resisted the books but found some cute pins with book sayings on them, I bought a few of those. I also bought a bookmark for my friend Ted.

IMG_1429 IMG_1430

I felt like any more shopping would be spending just for the heck of it, so I crossed the street to get an ice cream. This time I got a chocolate raspberry on a cone, oh it was good. I walked along to the hotel, umbrella up because it was raining, a coat, scarf and sweater to keep me warm and eating an ice cream.

When I got to the room Terry was tucked in bed with a “I am not going anywhere” look on his face. I rested a while and toyed with the idea of going out to get a sandwich, but decided to stay in and eat a little of the junk food in the room. My dinner tonight was a beef stick, a cheese stick and a cheesy pretzel bread. I had a molasses cookie and coffee for dessert.

The hotel is giving us a later check out for tomorrow and will hold our luggage and let us hang out in the lobby as much as we want. That’s great because the waiting area for the Clipper is outside. Brrr, too cold for sitting and waiting. Our boarding numbers are in the first group so we can wait till boarding is close to starting before we go over.

My laptop is not doing too well, I managed to get more photos up on Facebook, but it was not easy. It may be time for a new laptop, or maybe just a tech doc visit. I’ll see when I get home.

It is 7:13 and I just glanced over and saw Terry snoring gently, his reading glasses slipped down on his nose. My hub is a cutie.

Tomorrow we go back to Seattle on the 6pm Clipper, arrive about 8:45 and then a 30 minute drive back to the hotel. We have a 9:30am flight in the morning and arrive at LAX at 1pm and we are home, vacation is over. And then, well, back to the old retirement grind.


Realistic wall paintings

IMG_1156 IMG_1157 IMG_1158


IMG_0840Bear shape lic. plate

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