Teaching College

In February I will start teaching my communication class again. I have been teaching at a community college for about 30 years. I enjoy teaching speech, I work hard to help my students feel at ease and I try to add in interview skills since they all seem to be constantly job hunting. I teach only one day a week, but two 3 hour classes in a row. There is a break in between so I can have something to eat. Most of my classes are small group work, I have found that by sitting together, getting to know each other and speaking aloud to each other they become less stressed. I also have them do their first speech in groups of three. Every once in a while a past student will stop by to tell me how the class helped them, that makes me feel really good. The only part I don’t like is how they want better grades than they are willing to earn. I am not a hard grader, but assignments need to be completed, some of the students seem to feel simply attending class should result in an “A” grade. My friends who teach at a university say it is the same there.


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