Bling Bling

I sure have a lot of jewelry. Most of it is costume jewelry, and a few good pieces. Some of my earrings are silly, I have Burt and Ernie, the Grim Reaper, a crazy women on ski’s, but since I stopped teaching and have no students to entertain, I have very little reason to wear them. Many of my earrings, bracelets and pendants are really pretty and look nice on me, but I never wear them. I have a few favorite pieces that I wear all the time and the rest just decorate my jewelry box. When I am in a store and see a piece of jewelry I like, I try hard to not buy it because I do not need it and may not wear it, but sometimes I still buy it. I wonder if lots of women do the same thing? I have been thinking about this lately and have decided to try something. Every time I am seriously tempted to buy a piece of jewelry, I will resist, note the price on my phone, and every time I have a $100 total, I will make a donation to a charity. I will update this IF it works. WHEN it works.


Main jewelry cabinet w/ mirror


IMG_1454 IMG_1456

Silly earrings                                                Old necklaces hanging on my dad’s tie rack.





Long chains which I love but never seem to wear.

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