Movies and Ice Cream

I saw Annie at the movies recently. My friend Kathy and I like going to the “kids” movies together because we both enjoy them so much. I was worried about Annie because the critics hated it and a few friends did not care for it. Kathy and I liked it. It was a cute movie and I enjoyed the modern setting. While it is true that the lead could not belt out Tomorrow like the kids do on stage, I enjoyed her version. It was more like a real kid might sing. Many of the stage songs had livelier music in the background but the melody and word were still the same. There were 2 things about the movie I did not like. I thought the original songs written for the movie were awful. Worse than awful. Weak, crummy lyrics and melodies that were completely forgettable, even the actors seemed to forget. Also, the “bad guy” did not get punished, he was just ignored for the rest of the movie. So, should you go see it? Oh, I don’t care.


Kathy and I also saw The Theory of Everything. We thought it s a great story and had amazing acting by the leads. It was enjoyable and after looking up stuff on line, we saw that it was almost accurate in every way. i highly recommend it.


Janeen and I saw Into The Woods and then went to Farrells on Jan. 6 to celebrate my birthday. Wow what a great adaptation of my very favorite play. I am a big Sondheim fan and enjoyed the movie so very much. Sure, it was cut a bit, after all the play is more than 3 hours, but all the essential story and music was intact. Once it is on DVD I can see it whenever I want instead every few years when the play comes to town, now that is great! After the movie we went to Farrells with Alaina and Steven. My 3 friends had dinner and dessert. I had a chocolate shake, a birthday sundae and french fries and another sundae for dessert. (yes, I got a tummy ache) Farrells is fun and loud and yummy, very much how I remember it from my teen years. I missed the player piano that Marsha and I used to sing along with, but I did get a version of a Rockin Robin birthday song from the waiters. A very good birthday celebration.

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