Weddings – Things need to change!

IMG_1445My 1979 wedding.IMG_0466

Long ago, when women were possessions, a dowry of stuff or money was given to her groom and her parents hosted a wedding. As time went by the dowry fell away but her parents continued to host the wedding. Today I see many young women having elaborate weddings, costing 25 to 75 thousand dollars, and more, and the brides parents are footing the bill with little or no help from the grooms family. This needs to stop! Unless there is a major economic difference in the two families situation, the wedding should be split 50/50 between both families, and if the wedding couple are working adults they should add a third to the pot. True I got married long ago and had a small, inexpensive, perfect wedding, I realize things cost more now and many young couples want more now, but that is no reason for the brides family to take on the entire burden. If the kids want a 50 thousand dollar wedding, the brides parents should say they will give 25 thousand and leave it to the groom to get the rest from his family. Or maybe the bride and groom will have a beautiful but small wedding and use the money for a down payment on a house, or is that too sensible? I don’t have children and I don’t have to pay for weddings, but I see my family and friends trying to give their daughters a dream wedding and the grooms family happily inviting lots of guests and contributing nothing. I really think this needs to change!

Jenni and Danny’s wedding. My niece.





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