What is romance? What is romantic? I guess everyone has their own opinion. Valentine’s Day, flowers, candy, jewelry….I guess those are all answers, but they are not my answers. Here are some romantic moments from my 36 years of marriage. The time Terry was saving to buy a muscle car and he used that money to buy my mom a car when hers broke down. The time my silly Fozy bear that lived in my car got lost and he put an ad in the newspaper to find one and paid a foolish amount of money. Once we were in Barnes and Nobel and he sat on a chair reading a car magazine and I sat on the arm of the chair, leaned against him and read a book. He was cutting down the top part of a cute bird clock I had bought so it would fit on a shelf and he painted the bird’s chests red (red Robin). When he sold his beautiful 1969 Camaro he gave me starter money so I could get my library built, instead of using it all for his next car. At a recent Thanksgiving he said he was thankful to be a part of (my) the family. When I had surgery recently he took good care of me at home and made me a special grilled cheese sandwich.


And to start 2015 and celebrate my birthday, in spite of disliking amusement parks, he took me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and had a good time (or acted like he did). I recognize my husband’s style of romance and I appreciate it.





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