The Super Bowl

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I admit I watch for the commercials. I tried to pay some attention to the game but I kept forgetting which team was which. I did however think that last interception was exciting. It was a pretty fast football game, I wish they were all that fast.

I liked some of the commercials, the Nationwide warning about childhood accidents was sad but I hope people will take heed. I enjoyed the Clydesdales and the puppy, as always.

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I thought the other Budweiser commercial was too long and boring. I had already seen the rabbit and tortoise BMW on Ellen, didn’t think much of it either time. There was also a very long NFL commercial, I’m not sure why they bothered, seems as if the game is commercial enough.

The halftime show was ok, I like Katy Perry, the dancing sharks were fun. I did enjoy the robot tiger. I thought the National Anthem was well done, for a change.


There was a fight near the end of the game. I guess emotions were just running too high, but it shows a lack of class and reinforces stereotypes.

I suppose I’ll watch again next year, unless I can find something better to do.

Football Playerfootball helmetFootball Player


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