Fifty Shades of Grey


Yes, I thought the books were awful, repetitious, silly and cluttered. I have no interest in the movie. I agree with everyone who is criticizing the book and the movie and pointing out the damage it can do to impressionable young girls. (I read extremely fast so I read it all)

That said, stuff like this, good, bad, or disgusting, is erotica / porn. Erotica / Porn does not belong on best seller lists, does not belong in the display window of Barnes and Noble, and does not belong in our neighborhood theatre.

I have nothing against erotica /porn, I know some consider it anti feminist, but I admit to liking some, especially when it is well written. Anne Rice has written some fun stuff and her Sleeping Beauty series is not only sexy, it plays with both men and women and is obviously fantasy. Some of her other erotica is pretty good also. I like much of the modern “naughty” vampire genre, also fun and also fantasy.

We should not have to be worrying about what our kids will think when / if they read / see Fifty Shades, because Fifty Shades should not be casually popularized.

I think the popularity of the books speaks to how “hung up” many couples are in the bedroom. If they were more uninhibited and playful they would have seen the book for what it was, poor writing, limited vocabulary, weak plot, ridiculous side story line and horrible, repetitious sex scenes.

I taught Health and Sex Education to Jr high students for 25 years and I know that they are already exposed to far too much sexuality. They misinterpret much of what they see and hear. They believe things about sex that are just not realistic and they have very skewed ideas of bedroom behavior, sounds, smells and the human body. A movie like this just adds to that confusion.


I grew up without brothers and I was always extremely curious what a penis looked like. There was no internet, cable TV or naked men in Playboy. As a young adult I got my first look in person. Today, kids can satisfy their curiosity with a quick Google search, but unfortunately they can too easily go way beyond into areas they are not equipped to understand.

I am not in favor of censoring or banning books that are sexually explicit, I am in favor of keeping it where it belongs, and that is not on best seller lists or neighborhood billboards.

One thought on “Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. completely agree… and yes I have read all 3 books…. but I didn’t pay for them and read the first on someone else’s kindle and the other 2 were borrowed. I read them because of the hype but as suspected they were repetitive, boring and possibly harmful.

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