The Few Who Ruin Things For The Many

(Of course terrorists do this, but I am thinking about day to day life.)

The two teachers who came to school late every day, so the principal called a meeting and lectured all of us on the importance of being on time.

The lady who got angry and called the city to complain about something that in no way affected her and by doing this phone call, put a person completely out of business.

The man at the airport who waited until he was told to take off his belt, take out his lap top, remove the liquids; causing all of us to wait and wait.

The person who is missing their freeway exit so they cut wildly across lanes, maybe or maybe not causing an accident.

The people who pass bad checks to small businesses forcing them to accept cash only.

People who are so worried about their car that they take up two spaces. When I am worried about my car, I park in the far away empty spaces, but not these “the world owes me” types.

What are your favorites / worst?







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