Hard or Easy? A Whining Blog

Some chores in regular adult life are fairly easy. Some are pretty difficult and time consuming. I have come to realize that I just want to avoid chore, difficulty does not seem to come into the question.

Taxes, blah! Paperwork on top of paperwork, only to end up sending the government more money. And the chore of checking out the bank statement and paying bills. Making a note on the bill to show when it was paid. Leaning over and putting the bill in the bill drawer. Yuck. I used to think, back when we were really poor, that once I could afford to pay my bills it would not be such a chore to do them. I was wrong.



Since I am retired, many chores should be easy. Going to the market, getting gas, picking up a birthday card. I have the time and know it needs to be done, but I still procrastinate.


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I have worked since I was 14 and now, 40 plus years later, I have discovered the joy of sleeping late, putting things off till tomorrow and reading all day long. Sitting with my coffee, reading NPR news and taking my time is such a pleasure. My dog and my brain demand that I go for a walk, but the rest of me just sits.

I open every envelope that arrives, I throw the envelopes away and place the bills on my desk. Then I run away instead of taking that small next step of opening my computer and paying the bills. I get to them before they are late, but oh it is hard.

Supervising a web site for my friend, no problem. Doing work for my charitable organization is fun. Cleaning out a closet, or a box is a great use of time. But the real life things that are required, those I find hard to get to and when I do get to them it is with great reluctance.

So, is this just a bunch of whining? Sure, but it’s my blog so why not.

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