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Montebello Junior High – 1969

Montebello Junior High – 1969

I was in the last class to attend school in the beautiful red brick building before it was torn down for earthquake concerns. Many of us fought and protested, but as usual, money concerns came first and so our beautiful building was demolished and the new “prison like”, windowless structure was built. I found these two tributes I had written for the school paper and a photo of our charming, old school.



A Fond Farewell

This year is a sad one for many students, especially the 9th graders. We came to MJH young and eager to learn. The last 3 years seem to have flown by and all of us flew with them, growing from childhood to adolescence in a sometimes painful, sometimes sad, but always exciting way.

Now when we say goodbye, we are saying it not only to MJH as a school but as a good friend, for it will never be the same. Soon there will be a whole set of safe, modern, spacious buildings but in our hearts MJH will always be an old, but beautiful red brick building. Farewell MJH, you will not be forgotten.

April 23, 1969

Dear A Building,

This is one on the saddest letters I have ever written.

This letter is written to say goodbye. Yes, we the 9th graders are finally leaving and you, our good friend, are facing death. Oh we will not forget your beauty or your kindness. Or that welcome feeling you gave us when we first arrived at 7th graders.

Stand proud, dear school and when the blows begin to fall, feel no pain, for you cannot die, you will live forever in our hearts.

Love, the 9th graders

April 23, 1969

Showers or Flowers

California is in an awful drought. I think many people don’t realize how bad it is because water is so essential and we have “always” had enough.
My husband and I already use very little water, but we let our lawns die and will be moving to a drought tolerant landscape soon. Just not watering the lawns cut our bill by 50%.
I love green lawns and flowers and trees very much. I also love taking a shower, washing my clothes and flushing the toilet. If we can’t have both, then I vote for showers, we can buy flowers from another state.
California is a desert and people need to accept that and make some changes. And being grouchy at farmers is silly because we eat what they grow.
Whether or not you want to believe in climate change, the weather in California is different and we need to do different things.
I will post pictures of my drought tolerant yard when the landscaping is done.
Get out there and get those rebates and change those lawns to something beautiful that uses less water. It can be done.


No snowpack, low water and the last one is Shasta Lake!

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