Showers or Flowers

California is in an awful drought. I think many people don’t realize how bad it is because water is so essential and we have “always” had enough.
My husband and I already use very little water, but we let our lawns die and will be moving to a drought tolerant landscape soon. Just not watering the lawns cut our bill by 50%.
I love green lawns and flowers and trees very much. I also love taking a shower, washing my clothes and flushing the toilet. If we can’t have both, then I vote for showers, we can buy flowers from another state.
California is a desert and people need to accept that and make some changes. And being grouchy at farmers is silly because we eat what they grow.
Whether or not you want to believe in climate change, the weather in California is different and we need to do different things.
I will post pictures of my drought tolerant yard when the landscaping is done.
Get out there and get those rebates and change those lawns to something beautiful that uses less water. It can be done.


No snowpack, low water and the last one is Shasta Lake!

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