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Sunday on the ms Amsterdam June 28

Everyday the mat in the elevators is changed, and that really helps!


Still at the hotel, we slept in a bit today. Our shower was weak but the towels were huge. Once dressed we got a Starbucks  for me and then went to Safeway for some good face SPF. Terry also bought two bags of rainier cherries, our favorite!

I called the cruise line to double check boarding time and found we could board much earlier than expected. We took Uber to the pier where our driver patiently wove through the chaos to locate the correct location. We left our luggage with a porter, our ms Amsterdam tags prominently displayed. We entered the building and filled out a brief health form. Then showed proof  that we had our passports. Next we put our carry on’s thru the xray.  Finally we checked all the way in and got our room key, letter B for boarding and 08 for our lifeboat number. Then we waited and chatted with other passengers. Terry paced impatiently. We watched them set up the “as you board” photo booth. At 11:25 they began the A group. There is a security guard walking about with a big dog. It’s kind of like the airport before 9/11, with a few additional safeguards.

Once on the ship, the wait was really brief, we began to explore right away. I had spent time learning the different decks, so I was a fair guide. We got to visit the “teen and kids area only” because there was no one there. The ship seemed deserted except for spots with food, those were crowded. After we saw the entire ship we went to the Lido Buffet to eat. Terry had meatloaf and mac&cheese while I had a drumstick and some cheese. We nabbed a sandwich and some more cheese for our room.

Did I mention the wonderful library?    IMG_0019




We went to our room and it was great. So much closet space, huge bathroom storage and two nice beds, a little living room and our balcony. We are spoiled for sure.

Here are a wide variety of ship photos, some of which feature me and Terry!

Lido Deck poolIMG_0044

Deck 3. A mile is 3 1/2 times aroundIMG_0043

fueling the shipIMG_0042


IMG_0038 IMG_0037IMG_0028 IMG_0027

The atriumIMG_0002

This is where we checked in, still on shoreIMG_0001 IMG_0025

Our Alaskan Cruise


Woke up way to early, but very excited. Our Uber drive picked us up at 6:30am and drove us to John Wayne Airport. Our flight left at 8am and then we changed planes in Sacramento. Southwest is a pleasure to fly. When we landed in Seattle, we got our luggage and then Uber drove us to our hotel, The Mediterranean Inn. Once we checked in and dropped off our luggage, we walked up the block to find some lunch. We ate at the Mecca Cafe. I had a burger and Terry had a club sandwich. The food was ok. Service was nice. Back at the hotel we relaxed in our room and then called Uber for a ride downtown. There was a HUGE gay pride celebration and we loved these cross walks.


When we were wandering around, admiring all the rainbow flags, banners and smiling people we came across Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop. How interesting, legal marijuana just sitting on shelves for all the world to see. You showed proof of age to a guard and then inside was a stand with menus on it. The different “strands” and a wide variety of edibles was really interesting. When we called for Uber our driver said he came to this location all the time, often with people who just got off a plane. Who knows, CA may be next?!?

Eventually we returned to our room and visited the roof top deck. It is very nice and Terry took some great pictures.

IMG_2363 IMG_2366


As you can see, the Space Needle is very close to our hotel. And we could see Mt. Rainier.


Hungry again we walked around and ended up at T.S. McHugh’s. This is an Irish Pub. They hand make pot pies, but $20 seemed too much for something that might not live up to its reputation. Terry had a seafood salad with excellent scallops. I had a Ruben. We both enjoyed our meals. My french fries were extra good.


We went back to the deck to take sunset pictures.


Now we are back in our room for the evening. Tomorrow we plan to take our time, boarding is not till 1pm or so. This trip is off to a good start.

A Tribute To My Friend Ted

40 years ago I met two remarkable men who changed my life. One, my husband Terry. The other, my hairstylist Theodore “Ted” Gonzalez.  Ted was a wild guy when I met him, working in a very “ladies who lunch” salon. My good friend Donna had recommended him when she heard me bemoaning my unruly curls. As I walked into the salon, I felt both hope and doubt. Ted was delighted to meet me, loved my hair, and snapping a pair of scissors in what seemed a most hap-hazzard manner gave me the best haircut of my life. When I looked in the mirror I felt, for the first time in my 20 years, pretty. I decided Ted was a genius and others shared that opinion, he won  first place at the World Hair Show  so many years in a row that they asked him to stop entering and become a judge. Ted was fixture in my life. I saw him every 6-10 weeks and always left knowing I looked my best. Ted styled my hair and Terry’s hair for our wedding. He got to meet my mom and they were a pair of silly, giggling kids when they got together.  When some grey appeared, Ted choose a color and to help me financially he taught me to color my own hair. In the entire 40 years I have known Ted I only had my hair cut by another person once, and that was when I was in Paris for 3 months. Ted was not just an expert with hair, he also collected period and designer clothing and in the last few years has spoken at colleges and design schools about the history of clothes. He has had some of his collection displayed at museums. He also collected jewelry, and was a flamboyant wearer of rings, necklaces and bracelets. For the last few months, a few other of Ted’s long term clients and I have been helping him with Dr. appointments and treatments when it was discovered he had terminal cancer. We had a surprise dinner for him for his birthday. In typical Ted fashion, he brought a gift for each of us. On Dr. visits, I loved seeing him and going to lunch after an appointment, but soon he began to suffer a great deal. All of us were in despair to see him so. The radiation and chemo had not worked and he faded before our eyes. About a week ago he went to stay with his niece and nephew’s mom. They arranged for home hospice care. This morning, June 4, 2015, Ted passed away. His suffering has ended, but his impact on my life has not. I will remember him and miss him. And always say, “I had the best hairstylist in the world”.                                                               IMG_1264