My Mediterranean Cruise

My Mediterranean Cruise

Today is March 23 and I leave for my cruise on March 25. It is constantly on my mind.

I am traveling with my book and WW friend, Carolyn. We are pretty sure we will be good traveling companions and we are both excited about the trip.

We are registered with the state dept. and plan to stay out of any areas they may suggest. We will be alert and careful and enjoy ourselves.

I have narrowed my selection of dresses down from 25 to the 8 I am taking. The weather will be cold, (hooray) so I will bring my thicker tights, a small sweater, a big sweater, my trench coat and cami’s for layers. I’m just bringing two pair of walking shoes, no need to have dressy stuff. And, I have bought and am bringing a little, pink cane. Since I am working on my balance and there will be cobblestones, the cane will be some extra security.

The travel book is pretty much complete, though I still need to add to the weather chart. We have booked 3 excursions, Barcelona, Tangier, and Casablanca. More may be booked, but that will wait until we are on the ship.

There will be 3 sea days, for reading and relaxing and all other days will include shore activities.

This is our itinerary:

March 25    F            Leave from LAX

March 26  S              Arrive Genoa airport 10:25pm / taxi 45 min then check into Mare hotel in                                                                                                         Savona, Italy.

March 27 Sun            Wake up in Hotel Mare, Savona Italy

March 28 M        Explore Savona

March 29 T           Board Costa Magica Cruise Ship

March 30 W           Barcelona (5h)

March 31 Th            At sea – relaxing, reading, smiling

April 1 F               Tangiers (10h)

April 2 Sat               Casablanca (15h)

April 3 Sun                 Cadice (6h)

April 4 M               Lisbon (9h)

April 5 Tues           At sea – relaxing, reading, smiling

April 6 W               Alicante (6h)

April 7 Th                At sea – relaxing, reading, smiling

April 8 F              Civitavecchia (10H)

April 9 Sat              Disembarkation in Savona / car to Genoa,  fly to CDG, LAX and home

My plan is to travel blog each evening and then post. I have no idea how much internet access I will have, when I will have it and how strong it will be. I will also post pictures. More from the trip…….






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