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April 9-10 –Going home

Once at the CDG airport we were pretty tired. Our luggage had gone through to LAX so we only had our carry on’s and large purses, but that was plenty. Unwilling to search for the shuttle to the hotel we grabbed a cab. The travel agency said the Marriot was closest to the airport, but we passed several on the way, including a Sheraton which is actually attached to the airport. At least it was only a 20E ride and about 15 minutes. The Marriott was lovely with the softest beds and pillows, ever. When we checked in I realized my Visa card was gone, so I had Terry cancel it. I am pretty sure I left it in a machine at the Genoa Airport. We watched TV and caught the finale of Britain’s The Voice and then slept hard till morning.

We had coffee and caught the 8am bus for our 10:30 departure. The airport security was miles long and they decided my bag was too heavy. As Carolyn continued I had to go way back to turn in my bag. Good news, because it was a connecting flight there was no charge. Back at the first check point, they let me thru a shortcut and then I was on my way to find Carolyn. The lines were all moving so slow that I actually caught up to her. We boarded promptly and took off on time. Carolyn had bought some more gifts at the airport. On the plane, we were in the bulkhead with a man in the seat between us. Oh well, I am not sitting in the middle, so that’s the way it goes.

We had some ok food, chicken and cous cous and other stuff I ignored. I would really love a sweet right now, but have none.

My wonderful Bose ear buds ran out of charge and the noise on the plane seems so much more awful than normal, since I had a couple of hours of relative silence. I watched the Good Dinosaur, which I though was cute. It is a simple adventure story, no reason for the critics to be so harsh.

I ended up watching animated films all the way home. I did find ice cream bars when I walked around the planes kitchen. I got one each for me, Carolyn, and our seat partner. I also got coffee for all of us. Carolyn and I later spent some time in the kitchen stretching our legs and being entertained by a charming baby named Santiago.

Landing at LAX was quick but getting off the plane took a long time. Most people waited their turn, but some people shoved forward. We had to go thru customs, I was able to text Terry once before customs area blocked all cell use. The line was long but moved fairly quickly. It was interesting to see how the custom officers talked with some people a long time and just gave a quick nod to others. There was a large high school group on our plan and lots of overexcited parents waiting for them. The parents behaved as if the kids were being released from a kidnapping situation, lol. We finally got through and found all of our suitcases. Terry was waiting for us outside, he went to get the car while we waited curbside. The place was packed and it was frustrating for Terry to get to us. LAX is just too big and too messy.

We dropped Carolyn off and when we got home I managed to stay awake until 5:30, then I was out until morning.

All in all, a good trip, interesting sights cool souvenirs.

April 7 – LONG sea day and flight change


April 7 – Making lemonade

Well, we just now (10pm) got an email that there was a strike at Air France and our flights are changed. We will now get to CDG at 7:20 pm and have to spend the night at the CDG Marriot in Paris with no time to play or sight see. We will arrive at LAX at 1pm Sunday.

April 7 – LONG sea day

Today is a long sea cruise, we do not port until 9am. We did not sleep in because we had a disembarkation meeting at 9:30. We went to the international breakfast and I had lox, Carolyn had the eggs benedict again. It was good. A nice French couple sat across from us and we smiled and communicated as best we could.

The disembarkation meeting was about 30 min. long and contained a brief advertisement for future cruises. The instructions were pretty clear and are also on the ship channel and will be in our nightly info sheet. Our suitcases must be outside our room by 1am Saturday morning.

From there we did a bit of shopping, but nothing caught our eye. We went back to the cabin and did a lot of packing, since we will be in Rome all day tomorrow.

Lunch was confusing, since the hamburger and french fry place seemed to had disappeared, so back to the hot buffet. I had steak and potatoes and Carolyn had a little of this and that. We got ice cream bars from the machine and went back to the cabin to eat them. Then we took naps, lovely.

I got up before Carolyn and went for a walk. I found a quiz going on and had a ginger ale while I watched. I shopped a bit to kill time and also went up to the top of the ship to see what it looked like on a cold, choppy sea day. It was deserted except for an older couple in the Jacuzzi. I stopped back at the room, checked the daily activities and went to the craft activity. Keyane and Courtney were there, looking sleepy and Irene and Bobbi also, along with about 30 women. We made little decorations in the Italian flag colors and I will wear mine to dinner on a barrette. The girls and I made enough for everyone. I wandered a bit more and then returned to the cabin.

Carolyn and I are watching American sit coms in Italian and waiting for dinner. Dinner was FUN! The waiters sang and led us all dancing in a conga line and our waiter briefly waltzed with each of the ladies at his tables. The music was loud and fun and we really enjoyed it. And then to top it off, it was Keyane’s birthday so we had cake and sang happy birthday. All in all, a very satisfying meal. We did discuss our feelings about the ship and we all felt that there were a lot of issues. Emmett and Andrea have done Costa 2 other times and feel it has gone down hill each time. Larry and Linda, who are regular cruisers, feel that Costa is very lacking. The girls just mostly want the best price.

Tomorrow we go to Rome, we have kept enough out of our suitcases for Rome and then for our trip home on Saturday. We are both looking forward to Rome and home!