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April 3 – Cadiz – nope, at sea instead

Well, we were awakened at 9 am by an announcement from the captain. Those announcements have an importance about them. He repeated himself twice in Italian and then someone did English twice and then each of the other languages. Apparently there was a “bureaucratic” issue with 2 passengers and we had to leave port very late. Due to this we have been forced to skip Cadiz and go straight to Lisbon, with an 11pm arrival.

I gossiped with my friend on the crew (no names for safety) and it looks as though it was a drug bust, trying to get a kilo of marijuana. What idiots. In Morrocco, of all places, they are probably in prison, though I haven’t found that out yet.

Our friends Andrea and Emmett are unable to use their Alicante excursion, because Emmett has a business phone call he must take on that day, so Carolyn and I will buy it from them, works out for all of us.

This morning we went all over the ship trying to find breakfast. The one restaurant that has a hot, American breakfast to order was closed due to the delay and opens for lunch instead. All we could find was cold cereal, cold meats, cheese and about 20 different donuts. I had some dry frosted flakes and cheese and bread. Carolyn tried some of the cold meats. We sat by a window with a teenage girl who was happily eating donuts. Her English was limited but when I asked her if she had donuts for breakfast at home she laughed and said oh no, only brown bread.

The sea is very rough, handrails are needed for walking around and sea sick pills are being handed out. We are both fine, though I am fighting a major headache. We went shopping, I got a few items in the Costa shop and Carolyn bought something also. We wish there were more shops, 3 is fine when you get off the ship most of the time but not too much when you have a sea day. Oh well, our wallets will be fuller for Lisbon. Lol

When Terry and I took our Holland Cruise we had ads for things to buy on the ship, especially art, in our cabin mailbox every day, many times several times a day. On this ship they do not do that at all, they don’t even sell art. That is nice. The photo shop does a large business and snap posed and candid shots all the time. My camera is not downloading as easily as I wish so I spoke to them about it. I am using the wrong cord and the nice guy told me to stop because I was going to hurt my camera. He showed me a few other things, like a mass delete and so, the rest of the photos will stay on the camera card till I get home.

There are a few parent and adult child couples aboard. We chatted yesterday with a nice young man from Scotland and his mom. I asked him if Siri could understand the Scottish accent yet and he said no. He told me that it is very funny to listen to Scottish speakers try to imitate an American accent so Siri could understand them.

We plan to go to the hot buffet for lunch, though right now neither of us are very hungry. If I get an internet connection I will try to put some photos on Facebook.

I was able to put one set of photos on Facebook and of course I will add photos to the blog when I get home.

The hot buffet was pretty good, I had chicken cooked fajita style and some carrots and potatoes. We both had ice cream bars from the vending machine for lunch. We went back to the room after lunch because the ship was rocking very hard, I felt light headed from the movement and Carolyn was not thrilled with it either. Once in the room, we both took nice, long naps. The movement is not so bad when you are laying down, it is more like rocking.

We went to the excursion area to book a trip to Civitavecchia for Carolyn, but there were none. The only trip was to a castle and lake far outside the city and it was not going to be in English and only had 16 sign ups, so probably it will be canceled. We sat in the bar and waited to meet with Emmett for the ticket exchange. As we took care of that it turned out that Emmett and Andrea were planning to visit Civitavecchia on their own and were pleased to have Carolyn join them. I, of course, will be seeing Rome that day.

We went into dinner and I only had a main course, beef tenderloin and my ice cream and coffee. I have been eating more than I like today, I think cause there has not been much to do. We have all been gathering information and it appears the foolish duo tired to board the ship with a kilo of cocaine (or some drug). One persons phone, in their pocket, went off in the xray and the resulting pat down found the drugs. A visit to their room and more drugs were found hidden throughout. They and their luggage were handed over to the Morroccan authorities. I imagine they will be learning a very hard lesson.

Apparently canceling a port stop does not bother the majority of the European passengers, unlike Americans, who I feel would be really angry. I plan to contact our travel agent to see if we can get some sort of compensation, 4 sea days are too many.

After dinner, Carolyn and I had a brief visit with Bobbi and Irene and then went to our room. The dress for tomorrow is black and white and I have convinced Carolyn to wear her pretty black and white pants. While she got ready to relax I cleaned up some stuff and headed out, determined to see Keyane sing in the Voice competition tonight. It is not until 11:30! Most of our table mates will not be up that late. I just saw the evening show and it was fun. Lots of singing and dancing and many songs I knew. There was an Elvis medley, a fun 9-5 song and dance and a sexy dance where the men stripped down to their briefs. When I arrived at the theatre, it was dark and the show had started. They were singing Big Spender and when I finally found a seat there was a jacket on it. The man who owned the jacket gave up the seat in a most ungracious manner. A man and woman sitting behind us were talking very loudly to hear each other over the music throughout the show. The man and his wife next to me turned to them repeatedly and told them to be quiet (both couples spoke Italian) but it was no use. That really surprised me.

The show is over now and I plan to just hang around the lounge and wait for The Voice show to start.

Tomorrow – Lisbon. We leave at 9am for a 4 hour tour, hopefully it will be a good one.

March 31 – A Day At Sea

We woke up at 9 but remembered that the clocks were going to be set back an hour so we still had time to be lazy while we waited for breakfast. When it arrived, we enjoyed our cold cereal and coffee but it was only ok.

There was no internet but it was a nice, relaxing day to rest up from our Barcelona tour.

After breakfast we showered and dressed and went in search of the internet café to try and send this blog. Again we were flummoxed by the elevators but finally found it. Oh joy when I was actually able to connect and send the past two days. There was no internet in the evening.

Next I went to discuss our tours at the tour desk. I was concerned that there was going to be too much walking for Carolyn. All other tours were sold out and the girl I talked to was not much help. I plan to try again later.

We stopped by the hospitality desk to get some change and check on our room account, which we realized later was a waste of time. With that accomplished we went to Costa Smeralda Restaurant (that’s how they spell it) to try a sit down lunch. The menu was very sparse and though we were seated with nice people, they only spoke French. Carolyn had pasta and a salad. I decided to take the opportunity to try rabbit. I though it tasted good and since the French diners ordered it and enjoyed it I guess it was good. The rabbit was served with two pieces, leg I think, on the bone. I wanted to nibble off the last bits but just could not pick up the bone with my hands in front of the French diners at our table. We both had pineapple sherbet for dessert and are now back in the room. Carolyn has dozed off, which is good because she was up a lot last night not feeling well. I slept a while too, gosh I love a nap!

Once we were up and feeling good we went up to the buffet in search of a little snack. I found some cookies and coffee and we were sitting by window out by the pool. There was an announcement over the loud speaker that we had to go about an hour out of our way because a passenger was very ill nad need to be taken off the ship. The announcement was made much more carefully than usual, instead of a rush of many languages, a different person who was extra good at the language made the announcement in each language.

The ocean was fairly rough and the pool water slopped out and began rushing along the floor. Everyone who saw it tried to warn others but the language gap became pretty apparent. It was pretty funny. We took a walk on a deck Carolyn called the promenade, but I think on this ship it is where the crew takes their breaks. We enjoyed watching the rough sea since we both felt ok. We went back to the room to for Carolyn to change for dinner, and it was a good thing because she had been in jeans but when we went to to dinner we discovered it was dress up night. Linda and Andrea were resplendent, the rest of us were acceptable. I teased Emmet for not singing at Karoke, turns out he went on last, after I had gone to the room. I had roast duck leg for dinner, it was very good. I also had a cheese plate and my ice cream for dessert.

After dinner Carolyn and I went to the show. When the girl brought me coffee she said my Costa account was closed but I could fix it and she gave me the coffee anyhow. The show was all Italian singing, which would have been fine, but most of the songs sounded like a funeral so I did not stay, Carolyn left with me.

We went to the desk to check on our accounts. When we paid for our tours and tried to give them each of our Costa cards we had been told at the tour desk all of our stuff was together and that at the end there would be one bill so we did not both need to hand in our cards. However, turns out that is not true. When I told the girl at the desk she said I should have come to them to find out what is really true. I disagreed and told her she should tell the tour people to get it right. I feel anyone on the ship who answers a question should know what they are talking about. We have been given incorrect information on several occasions. It may be a language problem, but I always ask in simple terms, I am used to speaking to people with limited English. For example, the maître de came to our table during dinner and I told him I thought it would be nice if we could have coffee after dinner without a charge. He said the charge was only for fancy coffee and American coffee was free. One would think that everyone who works on the ship could know these things, or else they should say “I am not sure, please check at the main desk.” Anyhow, I had her open my account with my credit card and Carolyn still had some money left on her Costa card, so she did not bother at this time. Having about 500E in ship credit is lovely, and we have very little to buy now, since we have booked and paid for our excursions, but it is nice to know my Costa card will work.

Carolyn has gone to the room, maybe to bed. I am sitting in the lobby listening to the singer and typing away. I plan to go to the Karoke show and watch my new friends. But that did not happen because our excursion was set for 8:45 and I needed to get to bed. We asked for a wake up call and we were both out.

Tangier Tomorrow!